Before my Bowen treatment, I could not turn my head to the left side and my jaw would crack and lock up sometimes on the left side. I was waking up regularly at night in pain and wasn’t sure what to do. After my first Bowen treatment, my jaw was so much better I could sleep at night and turn my head much more comfortably to the left side. After my second treatment, my shoulders felt much freer as well, and I was given some exercises to help my flexibility improve over the next few weeks. I have recommended this treatment with Nikki to several of my friends. It is a light, comfortable treatment.

Wendy Batten, Exeter


“Having spent the last 4 years in and out of the chiropractors I decided to give Bowen a go!! If I’m honest I was pretty sceptical but in need of something new to get me back running again! 3 weeks after my 1st treatment I reintroduced very light running back into my weekly exercise along with cycling ! I am now 2 months down the line and running anything from 4 to 8 miles at a time and feeling much better on my bike!! Nikki and Bowen have proved to be a revelation for me and still can’t quite believe it!! Massive thankyou and I’m sure I will be in need of your services again!!”

Adrian Smith, Brushford


“I have suffered with lower back pain, intermittently, for many years but had been in almost constant pain for months when I contacted Nikki, following a personal recommendation.  The pain was debilitating, causing me to stop my hobby (running), interfere with my work, and cause me to limp.”

“Nikki came to visit me at home and after a conversation to establish my medical history, symptoms etc and assessing my condition, she then gave me a gentle session of treatment. Checking on my comfort levels and explaining her actions all the time.”

“I saw Nikki again a week later, after having my first pain free days in months and I have now been pain free for 2 months. I am running again. No limp. I will continue to see Nikki as ‘maintenance’ and ‘top up’ appointments. ”

“I am full of praise for this wonderful treatment that seems to have worked wonders for me.  Nikki is a genuinely lovely lady and I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone”

Julie Haskell, Cotford St Luke

“At the age of 19, I developed a fusion of the spine following a mild trauma and over the ensuing 40 years I have taken advantage of all the help available, from exercise and drugs to physio, osteo and chiropractic, massage, cranial and the like.  Each treatment has its advantages but age brings new challenges and the efficacy of some remedies is less evident.”

“I began having Bowen Therapy with Nikki Routledge in the latter half of 2014.  This non-invasive treatment gives immediate positive results, namely a sense of relaxed well-being initially, followed by a significant lessening of the stiffness and pain associated with my condition.” 

“An advantage of Bowen is that the patient remains clothed during treatment.  In addition, the treatment is so gentle as to be barely noticeable.  I would choose Bowen for the reasons that it is as effective as any other treatment I have had and that it is gentle, non-threatening and relaxing by comparison.”

Jane Reynolds, Aisholt


“I had bad back pain, including over my hips, and one leg was longer than the other. The course of treatment I had from Nikki was non-invasive, relaxing and not painful at all. After the course of treatment had finished, my back was so much better, it felt ‘freer’ and I have had no recurrence of the pain.”

Elly Stokes, Dulverton



“I went for a Bowen treatment a few months after having a hip operation, as I had a stiff neck and right shoulder. I also couldn’t stand up easily from a sitting position either. After my first treatment, I noticed I was alot better and able to look behind me again. After my second treatment, I reckon I was perfect.”

David Ackland, Shirwell


“When Nikki came to see me I was in a lot of pain. My neck and shoulders had all but seized up. I was very stiff and sore but with some very gentle treatment from Nikki over a couple of weeks I am so much better. I can move freely and hardly any pain at all. Very pleased with the result of treatment.”

Edna Bellamy, Dulverton



“I was at the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy when I was struck down with debilitating sciatica pain.  I had two weeks of relying on painkillers and then tried Bowen therapy.  It was a complete revelation.  I was amazed at the result of such a gentle relaxing treatment. Nikki is a wonderful therapist.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Becky Fry, Dulverton



I pulled my calf muscle about a year ago due to running and playing badminton – after a long rest I repeatedly tried to get back to running but have always experienced pain that prevented me from carrying on.

I have had four Bowen treatments with Nikki and have found that now I am able to run 4 miles again without the pain reoccurring. The treatments were professional, relaxing and gentle. Also Nikki gave me great advice on a run/walk technique which has all helped me back to fitness.

Steve Woodward, Taunton



“I have suffered with Tendonitis in my arm for the past couple of years, the company I work for have provided me with special equipment. I have been on painkillers from my GP and also had physiotherapy, (I did feel a little uncomfortable as had to get undressed down to my waist), but I do still get symptoms/pain.”

“Someone suggested I try Bowen therapy, (the treatment can be done through your clothes so no need to plan a quick and easy outfit to strip out of) to help ease my pain. After 3 courses of treatment my symptoms have subsided. I did do an amount of sewing which aggravated my Tendonitis, but after only one top up treatment I am still pain free so in my book it’s a good excuse for not touching a sewing needle ever again.”

“Thank you Nikki for my Bowen Treatment, help and advice you have given me in an enjoyable professional and approachable manner. When I start to get pain (not just my Tendonitis any unexplained pain/symptoms I get) you will be the first person I call to book in for a top up treatment.”

Louise Garner, Bridgetown



“We had been struggling for over 2 years to get our little boy dry in the night. He had been dry for over 3 and a half years in the day but we couldn’t crack nights. He suffered from nightmares and possibly night terrors, and we struggled to wake him for a ‘dream wee’ as he would get very upset and sometimes take nearly an hour to calm. Nikki came to see him as he has started going for more sleepovers and his friends are no longer in nappies at night, he was getting self-conscious. She was great with him, explained what she was going to do, let him carry on watching Thomas the Tank Engine and didn’t do too much at once. He kept all his clothes on and was very happy.”

“The results have been astounding; we haven’t had an accident in the 5 weeks since his treatment. Nor has he had any nightmares or awful tantrums if he has fallen asleep and needs to be transferred to bed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nikki or the Bowen therapy.”

Becky Nelder, Dulverton